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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

               Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

When does registration for Fall open?
Our Fall 2021 Registration is now open until August 20th 2021

How much will Fall registration cost?
Tackle is $230 and Flag/7-on-7 is $200 payment plans are available through

What is included in my registration fee / What do I need to buy?
If you registered a Tackle Football Player, your registration fee includes a home and away jerseys,
game day pants, game day socks, 2 helmet decals, a dry fit shirt and a bag.
Families are responsible for purchasing a BLACK helmet, *shoulder pads, a mouth guard,
cleats (any color), and practice pants (any color).

If you registered a Flag Football Player, your registration fee includes a game day jersey,
game day shorts, game day socks, a practice dry fit jersey and bag. Families are responsible
for purchasing a **BLACK soft "Gamebreaker" type of helmet
(they need to be a
GAMEBREAKER Helmet ordered thru HYFCA), a flush mouth guard, and cleats.

What documentation
will I need?
by a physician along with a date that carries them through the entire season. Each athlete will
needs a copy, not a picture) Please be sure to bring both of these papers to the Parent Meeting.
*Physical Forms are available at practice or you can print one from our web page.

When does the 2021 Season begin?
  The 2021 Season will officially begin in 08/2/2021

What are practices like / When are practices?
Practices will be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 6 to 8 p.m. for the first two weeks.
Practices dates and times will be decided by the head coach.

Each TACKLE player is required a set amount of conditioning hours before we are permitted to
hold a Full Pad/Helmet Practice. If your child misses one of the conditioning nights, he will be
required to make those hours up the following night when he returns. Each player will ease into
helmets and then into full pads.

All Flag/7on7 Conditioning Practices will require shorts, t-shirt, cleats and a mouth guard ONLY.

Helmets will not be worn until team practices.

Tackle Teams will have 2 Contact Nights with an optional Non-Contact Walk-Thru night (per the
team head coach's discretion) --> the schedule for Team Practices will be sent out by your head

What teams does HYFCA play?
HYFCA is under the umbrella league CTYFL(Central Texas Youth Football League). We play
teams that are also part of CTYFL.

When/Where are games?
Games are held on Saturdays and will be a combination of Home and away games with our other
CTYFL affiliates

When will a Game Day Schedule be available?
As soon as Our President receives the finalized 2021 schedule, it will be sent out to everyone

What are your age break downs / What division will my kid play in?
FLAG & 7on7
PEE WEE FLAG (ages 4,5 before 7/31/2
ROOKIE FLAG (ages 6, 7, 8 before 7/31/21)
JUNIOR 7on7 (ages 9 & 10 before 7/31/21)
SENIOR 7on7 (ages 11 & 12 before 7/31/21)

PEE WEE TACKLE (ages 5 & 6 before 7/31/21)
ROOKIE TACKLE (ages 7 & 8 before 7/31/21)
JUNIOR TACKLE (ages 9 & 10 before 7/31/21)
SENIOR TACKLE (ages 11 & 12 before 7/31/21)
VARSITY TACKLE (aged 13 before 7/31/2021)

AGES (4 to 13 before 7/31/2021)

Can I request that my athlete be placed on a specific team or with a certain coach?
Sadly no. HYFCA drafts each player and they will be put in a roster accordingly. Only siblings in
the same age division are guaranteed to be on the same football team.

When does registration close?
Registration closes around 08/20/2021)

My question was not answered here what do I do?
If you have additional question or need help please reach out to us on Facebook or by email
[email protected]

Hutto Youth Football and Cheer Association

Email : [email protected]
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